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TELLS STUDIO由独立设计师党心宇和何佳于2015年创立。 总部设在中国杭州 我们始终保持多种材料的组合和应用,基于工艺和材料研究来平衡设计和功能之间的关系。 家具应该是装饰性的,创造使用乐趣的家具,不仅要完成功能,保持趣味性和独特性是我们一直想要做的。 另外,我们认为设计师应该具有社会责任感,我们希望利用设计为传统产业带来新的活力。  TELLS STUDIO was founded by independent designer Mr. Xinyu Dang and Mrs. Jia He in 2015. ​ Base in HANGZHOU / CHINA ​ We always maintain a combination and application of multi material, which based on the craft and material research to balance the relationship between design and function. Furniture should be decorative, we want to create the use of fun furniture, not only to complete the function, Keep interesting and unique is what we always want to do. ​ In addition, we think that designers should have a sense of social responsibility, we hope to use design to bring new vitality to traditional industries, the traditional manufacturing can have a new posture.
使用中国传统材质紫砂来制作,这是一种只产自江苏省宜兴市的泥料,自宋代(960-1279)开始用于陶器的制作,成品具有紫红色调,因此常被称为紫砂,我们就希望可以用设计思维,让一个传统的产品得以被更多的年轻人接受。 四海五壶,壶盖是中式园林,壶漏是西班牙建筑,创作于疫情期间,希望五湖四海因为疫情而分离的人们能以这样的方式得到团聚。
We used to produce all products is a traditional Chinese material only from the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province and used in Since the Song dynasty (960–1279). The finished stoneware has a purple-red-brown hue, and thus the material is also commonly known as purple clay. we hope that through our design thoughts, traditional products can be seen by more young people. The world teapot, the teapot cover is a Chinese garden, and other part is a Spanish architecture. It be created during the epidemic, I hope that people from all over the world who have been separated due to the epidemic can be reunited in this way.

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