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姜雨沁  Yuqin Jiang
光芒,符号,密语;神鹿,星宿,时空;凝聚了整个宇宙的能量,只为内心的信念。 曼陀罗是一种宗教术语,以轮圆具足或“聚集”为本意。指一切圣贤、一切功德的聚集之处。梦想宇宙书签,以曼陀罗为灵感,构建美好的能量场。配以独特的压印烫金工艺包装设计,层层递进,凝聚到中心的神鹿。 书签以卡扣的方式,卡在书本的任意一页,形成独特的仪式感。不停凝聚看过的每一本书的能量,陪伴着阅读的你,不断强大。
Light, symbol, secret language; deer, stars, time and space; condense the energy of the whole universe, only for the inner faith. Datura is a kind of religious term, with the original meaning of full round or "gathering". It refers to the gathering place of all sages and virtues. Dream universe bookmark, inspired by Datura, builds a beautiful energy field. With a unique stamping process packaging design, layers of progressive, condensed to the center of the shenlu. The bookmark is stuck on any page of the book in the form of clasp, forming a unique sense of ceremony. Keep condensing the energy of every book you read, accompany you to read, constantly powerful.

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