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The Rain Forest


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龟背竹  The Rain Forest
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Designer(s)/Design Team:
姜雨沁  Yuqin Jiang
有龟背竹的地方,仿佛永远都有明烈的阳光。有夏天的风,也有急促的雨,一切都是纯粹的样子,有最原生的力量。 取造型各异的龟背竹叶子的形象,组合设计成叶子自然生长的形态,又巧妙构成可以自然卡在书页内的龟背竹书签。 独特的透明亚克力包装设计,营造出自然的层次感,有独特的清透和透亮。
Where there is the rain forest, it seems that there will always be bright sunshine. There are summer wind, but also a rush of rain, everything is pure appearance, has the most original strength. The images of the rain forest with different shapes are combined to form a natural growth form of leaves, and a bookmark of the rain forest can be naturally stuck in the page. The unique transparent acrylic packaging design creates a natural sense of hierarchy, with unique clarity and transparency.

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