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Spring swallow with flowers


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繁花春燕  Spring swallow with flowers
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王沁  Qin Wang
春天万物生长,繁花开放,燕子归来。燕子是春天的使者,是希望与爱情的象征。它们在的地方春意盎然。“飘然快拂花梢,翠尾分开红影”,迎接春天,让生活充满活力与温暖。 形态各异的花组成象征圆满的花环,坠下一只自由的燕子,可以肆意晃动,象征着燕子的自在遨游。春意的生机和燕子的自由,繁花春燕书签,充满希望和圆满。
Everything grows in spring, flowers bloom and swallows return. Swallow is the messenger of spring, is the symbol of hope and love. Where they are, spring is in full bloom. "Floating fast brush flower tip, green tail separate red shadow", welcome spring, let life full of vitality and warmth. Flowers of different shapes constitute a perfect garland. A free swallow can shake freely, symbolizing the freedom of the swallow. The vitality of spring and the freedom of swallows, the colorful spring swallow bookmarks, full of hope and satisfaction.

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