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《Macau Is The Seat of The City》X SOZEN CREATE Gift Box


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《妈阁是座城》X 手心里联名礼盒  《Macau Is The Seat of The City》X SOZEN CREATE Gift Box
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姜雨沁 王沁  Yuqin Jiang Qin Wang
礼盒主色调以深海的蓝色,也是黎明破晓时的天空。主元素选取了代表澳门的大三巴牌坊、莲花,以及象征着《妈阁是座城》女主“小欧”的海鸥。 礼盒第一层是一张黄铜书签,一张黄铜扑克和一个筹码书签。 书签以黄铜做质身,表面镀以18K真金,提取电影情节中的“城”元素展开设计创作。每个人都有一座自己的城,装满着希冀。 打开礼盒第一眼看到的题字是严歌苓老师的手迹。人的欲望总比运气大那么一点儿,正如人渴望获得的比他能够获得的总多那么一点儿。让人窥见人性幽微曲折之处,是否有信仰和救赎。 扑克牌主体是黑桃A,中心是澳门大三巴牌坊,背景的延伸图形是波涛汹涌的海面,飞翔的海鸥。 筹码主体是莲花,外圈的小图形是纸牌的花色(黑桃 方片 红桃 梅花)。筹码的面值上加入了象征娱乐的圆点霓虹灯元素。 礼盒第二层是严歌苓老师的签名书籍,层层递进,精致的书签配合严歌苓老师亲笔签名的书籍。带着读者进入《妈阁是座城》的世界,去探寻丰富的城市记忆和芜杂的人性底色,去寻找人性里的那一点微光。
The main color of the gift box is the blue of the deep sea, which is also the sky at dawn. The main elements include the archway of Daba, the lotus, and the seagull, which symbolizes the female owner of "mage is a city". The first layer of the gift box is a brass bookmark, a brass poker and a chip bookmark. The bookmark is made of brass, and the surface is plated with 18K real gold. The "city" element in the movie plot is extracted to carry out the design and creation. Everyone has a city of his own, full of hope. Opening the gift box, the first sight to see the inscription is the handwriting of teacher Yan Geling. Man's desire is always a little greater than luck, just as man desires more than he can get. Let people see the subtle twists and turns of human nature, whether there is faith and salvation. The main body of the playing card is spade a, and the center is the archway of Macao's big three bus. The extended figure of the background is the rough sea and flying seagulls. The main body of the chip is the lotus, and the small figure on the outer ring is the suit of the card (spades, squares, hearts, and clubs). On the face value of the chips, a neon light element symbolizing entertainment is added. The second layer of the gift box is teacher Yan Geling's signature books, which are progressive. The exquisite bookmarks cooperate with the books signed by teacher Yan Geling. With readers into the world of mage is a city, to explore the rich city memory and miscellaneous human nature background, to find the glimmer of human nature.

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