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CANDY GIRL Magic Cloud Planet


Product Name:
CANDY GIRL 幻云星球  CANDY GIRL Magic Cloud Planet
Company Name:
Designer(s)/Design Team:
天野喜孝 姜雨沁  Yoshitaka Amano Yuqin Jiang
CANDY GIRL -幻云星球书签的整体外形以云雾为造型,云雾中融入多组原作画面中具有代表性的元素,仿佛印象中抽离的片段记忆。书签工艺以镂空和填色相结合,在另一层面上诠释着真实和虚拟的交错感。书签的另一端选择了一颗星球作为吊坠,上方的幻云是星球的梦,梦也是一整个星球。
The overall shape of candy girl - Magic cloud planet bookmark is shaped by clouds and fog, in which many groups of representative elements in the original picture are integrated, as if the memory of fragments extracted from the impression. Bookmark technology combines hollowing out and filling color, which interprets the interlaced feeling of reality and virtual on another level. At the other end of the bookmark, a star is selected as the pendant. The cloud above is the dream of the planet, and the dream is also a whole planet.

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