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扇叶屏风  room divider
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萨日娜 1980年生于内蒙古 设计师 2019年创立一忽家具品牌 2018年参加日本竹工业大会 2016年10月参加日本东京设计周 2020年惠风和畅-当代女性艺术家邀请展 2014年《隐》参加上海设计展 2016年《隐》参加万科"青春有度"展 2015年《清水涧》参加深圳中国设计大展  Sarina Born in Inner Mongolia in 1980, designer Founded Yihu Furniture Brand in 2019. Participated in Japan Bamboo Industry Conference in 2018. Participated in Tokyo Design Week, Japan in October 2016. 2020” Huifeng Hechang”-Contemporary Female Artists Invitational Exhibition 2014 "Hidden" participated in Shanghai Design Exhibition 2016 "Hidden" participated in Vanke "Youth and Degree" Exhibition 2015 "Clear Water Stream" participated in Shenzhen China Design Exhibition
扇叶屏风 作品灵感来源于银扇叶,材料采用天然的麻,结合定型工艺以及天然大漆使得材料相对稳定不受潮湿气候的影响。天然麻的透光性在层叠的遮挡中形成不同的黑白层次,可以开合扇面调节通透的程度。作品所有的部件可以拆开,节省运输成本。
The inspiration of the work is Lunaria Annua , leaf of plant. The material is made of natural hemp. Combined with the shaping process and natural lacquer, the material is relatively stable and not affected by humid climate. The light transmittance of natural hemp forms different black and white layers in the overlapping occlusion, which can adjust the degree of permeability by opening and closing the fan. All parts of the work can be disassembled to save transportation costs.

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