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朱祖怡  Joey zhu
几何的魅力在于简约而不简单--“Join”百搭、自由、模块化是它最大的特点,适合各种大小不同的空间,各种自由组合搭配,从而营造自由的空间氛围。 “Join”系列的造型极简,以点线面三维穿梭贯穿整体,立体几何体结合,圆润曲线型的管材和软包为宽阔的空间注入了柔和,而坚硬耐用,方形和扇形HPL仿鱼肚白色桌面的运用则保持了整体的平衡感。方圆之间为空间营造灵动而有趣的氛围。 “Join”搭配软包即为沙发,搭配HPL板即为茶几,用途因需求而变换;同时Join它集多种几何元素于一体更是设计师的用心之处,圆形的扶手位、方形主体、三角形边几框架、扇形边几桌面板,方圆之间,自有分寸;整体配色鲜活年轻时尚,给人欢悦的视觉感受。
The charm of geometry lies in simplicity but not simplicity -- "join" is its biggest feature of versatility, freedom and modularity, which is suitable for all kinds of spaces of different sizes and combinations, so as to create a free space atmosphere. The shape of "join" series is extremely simple. It runs through the whole body with three-dimensional shuttle of point, line and plane. The combination of solid geometry, round and curved pipes and soft bags infuse softness into the wide space, while hard and durable. The use of square and fan-shaped HPL fish belly like white tabletop keeps the overall sense of balance. The space between the square and the circle creates a lively and interesting atmosphere. "Join" is sofa with soft bag, and tea table with HPL board. The purpose of join varies according to the demand. At the same time, join integrates a variety of geometric elements into one, which is the designer's heart. The round armrest, square body, triangle side frame, fan-shaped side table panel, among which there are proper measures; the overall color is vivid, young and fashionable, giving people a pleasant visual feeling.

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