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自由流淌系列边几  free·Side table
JIAHUI HAN 韩佳辉 “BOKING铂晶艺术”设计师,毕业于西北师范大学 研究探索设计作品与人居生活和自然环境之间的更好 语境 参与策划并执行多个艺术项目、展览落地,作品设计 表现独特。  Designer of ”BOKING ART”,graduated from Northwest Normal University Research and explore the relationship between environment better context Participated in the planning and execution of multiple art projects and exhibitions,and the design of the works was unique.
自由流体系列是设计师根据哲学家雅克·德里达、尼采等人提出的“解构”理论所诞生的一种自由流动形式的设计作品。集合解构主义设计作品特征非中心的 、无次序的 、流动的 、非二元对立的 、破碎 、凌乱的多样化。自由流体系列以不遵循古典的轴线与秩序、无规则的延申来表达自然的张力。建立一种新的语境,面向未来,与人居环境有更高层次的和谐统一。
The free flowing series is a free flowing form of design created by designers based on the "deconstruction" theory put forward by philosophers Jacques Derrida, Nietzsche and others. The design works of collective deconstruction are characterized by non-central, disorderly, fluid, non-binary opposition, fragmentation, and messy diversification. The Free Fluid series expresses the natural tension without following the classical axis and order, and the irregular extension. Establish a new context, face the future, and have a higher level of harmony and unity with the human settlement environment. The works in this series are full of shapes and rich in details. The composition structure of disorder, growth, tactfulness, and uncertainty direction is like life full of surprises of exploration and joys of joy. It symbolizes our pioneering and innovative spirit of not following steps, daring to explore, and not following rules and multi-dimensional thinking.

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