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雪糕与画书架  Ice cream and painting bookshelf
H.: 德蕴宝贝专注婴童用品23年,以爱作为产品创作灵感,严选德国sup级山毛榉,匠心工艺制作,细节处体现人文关怀,呵护宝宝成长每一步。  德蕴宝贝专注婴童用品23年,以爱作为产品创作灵感,严选德国sup级山毛榉,匠心工艺制作,细节处体现人文关怀,呵护宝宝成长每一步。 Devon baby has been focusing on baby products for 23 years, taking love as the inspiration of product creation, strictly selecting German super beech, making with ingenuity, showing humanistic care in details, and taking care of every step of the baby's growth.
Inspired by ice cream, children's favorite in summer, the combination of black walnut and beech, white board design on one side, convenient for painting, bookshelf design on the other side, multi-functional storage, and flexible movement.

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