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天水碧·椅  Tianshuibi·chair
LEFT 何丽莉 设计师,自由插画师,毕业于江南大学艺术设计专业 曾获得中国建筑艺术“青年设计师奖”银奖 、室内设 计竞赛金奖、空间设计大赛银奖等多项专业奖项 带着一颗热爱生活的心,用设计为生活增添诗意、用 画笔记录生活美好。  Designer,Free illustrator,graduated in Art design from Jiangnan University Won the silver award of "Young Designer Award" of Chinese architectural art,Gold Award for Interior Design Competition,Silver award in space Design Competition,etc With a heart that loves life,add poetry to life with design,record the beauty of life with paintbrush.
该系列作品灵感来源于《宋史·南唐世家》:南唐末代君主李煜的妃子有一次在染色的时候,把没有染好的丝帛放在露天过夜,丝帛因为沾上露水,起了变化,竟然染出了更好的颜色。后来大家都按照此法染色,并且把这种颜色叫做“天水碧”。 一抹丝帛一缸水,帛面交相映。铂晶的净透如夜雨染成的天水碧一般美丽,花瓣的颜色像从水面借来的粉色一样惊艳,交相映出意外的惊喜。寓意为:有时候在无意中,获得惊喜;在不知不觉中成就一番事业!
This series of works is inspired by "Song History·Southern Tang Dynasty Family": The concubine of Li Yu, the last monarch of the Southern Tang Dynasty, once put the undyed silk silk in the open for the night while dyeing, and the silk silk rose up because of the dew. The change, even dyed a better color. Later, everyone dyed according to this method, and called this color "Tian Shui Bi". A touch of silk and a jar of water, the silk faces each other. The purity of the platinum crystals is as beautiful as the blue water of the sky dyed by night rain, and the color of the petals is as stunning as the pink borrowed from the surface of the water, reflecting unexpected surprises. The implication is: sometimes inadvertently, get a surprise; unknowingly achieve a career!

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