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“牛气冲天”椅  The "Ox Up" Chair
吴代杰, 1972 年生, 研修于中央美术学院实验艺术学院 “MCCA”当代艺术中心艺术总监 “BOKING 铂晶艺术”创始人 2011:中国雕塑新势力十二人展 2011:”见证”青年艺术家联展 2012:“峦山意境”全国雕塑艺术邀请展 2013: 中国雕塑学会二十周年回顾展 2013:“立体的水墨”个人展 2014:“世界是虚无地存在着”个人展 2015:纯净的世界(一)个人作品展 2016:纯净的世界(二)个人作品展 2017:“冰与火”明艺廊吴代杰、周卫东作品联展 习主席会客厅艺术作品创作  Daijie Wu professional artists. Daijie Wu took part in a lot of exhibitions. They are as below: In the year 2011: A Twelve People Exhibition of the New Power of Chinese Sculpture In the year 2011: The Group Exhibition of Artists: Witness In the year 2012: The Nationalwide Sculpture Art Invitation Exhibition: Conception of Mount. Maluan In the year 2013: The 20th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition of China Sculpture Institute In the year 2013: The Solo Exhibition: Tridimensional Chinese Ink In the year 2014: The Solo Exhibition: The World Is Void in Existence 。。。。。
牛是传统文化十二生肖之一,具有中华民族勤勤恳恳、坚忍不拔、任劳任怨等优良品质,中国对牛的图腾崇拜可追溯到4000年前,形成了深厚的传统牛文化。而“神秘力量、财富、权力”又是西方牛文化的精髓,成为炒股、房地产、金融、财经及银行等人士的旺财之选。 铂晶艺术工作室的艺术家用雕塑的手法,结合牛文化的语言和透明材质的特性,创作了“牛气冲天”椅,旨在表现力量感和扎实平稳感,凸显一种自信的气质,同时暗喻兴旺发达、蒸蒸日上……
The cow is one of the twelve zodiac signs of the Chinese traditional culture. It has the excellent qualities of the Chinese nation, such as diligence, perseverance, and hard work. The totem worship of the cow in China can be traced back to 4000 years, forming a profound traditional cow culture. And "mysterious power, wealth, power" is the essence of Western cattle culture, and it has become a prosperous choice for people in stocks, real estate, finance and banking. The artists of Boking Art Studio used sculpture techniques, combined with the language of cattle culture and the characteristics of transparent materials, to create the "bullish" chair, which aims to express a sense of strength and a sense of solidity and stability, highlighting a self-confident temperament, and at the same time as a metaphor of prosperous and thriving!

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