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远山黛·几  yuanshandai·tea table
LEFT 何丽莉 设计师,自由插画师,毕业于江南大学艺术设计专业 曾获得中国建筑艺术“青年设计师奖”银奖 、室内设 计竞赛金奖、空间设计大赛银奖等多项专业奖项 带着一颗热爱生活的心,用设计为生活增添诗意、用 画笔记录生活美好。  Designer,Free illustrator,graduated in Art design from Jiangnan University Won the silver award of "Young Designer Award" of Chinese architectural art,Gold Award for Interior Design Competition,Silver award in space Design Competition,etc With a heart that loves life,add poetry to life with design,record the beauty of life with paintbrush.
本作品灵感源自于云雾缭绕的群山。清晨或雨后,云雾由山脚至山顶渐渐散去。 仙气缭绕的雾面,一座小山露出尖尖角;远处的群山隐印,呈现出一片墨绿,就像姑娘描眉时黑青色的黛墨一般美。宛如水墨画里一泓秋水后面遥远的连山,如诗如画。明·高珩有诗《春日杂咏》,其中有曰:“青山如黛远村东,嫩绿长溪柳絮风。” 作品用雕塑的手法,结合透明材质的特性,创作了“远山黛”几,记录大自然中如诗如画的瞬间,寓意“云雾将散,未来可期”。
This work is inspired by the misty mountains. In the early morning or after the rain, the clouds and fog gradually dispersed from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. On the misty surface of the fairy qi, a small hill has sharp corners; the distant mountains are invisible, showing a dark green, just as beautiful as the black and blue ink when the girl strokes her eyebrows. It's like the distant mountains behind a puddle of autumn water in an ink painting, which is poetic and picturesque. In the Ming Dynasty, Gao Heng had a poem "Miscellaneous Songs of Spring", in which it said: "The green hills are like the east of Daiyuan Village, and the green and long streams of catkins wind." The work uses sculptural techniques, combined with the characteristics of transparent materials, to create the "Yuanshan Dai", which records the picturesque moments in nature, implying "clouds and mists will disperse, and the future can be expected".

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